Just Desserts 2

Around about Easter, Vanessa and I hit a rocky patch.

But of course on ANZAC Day I am nothing but completely, utterly full of love.

Thirty-One Year Olds

Vanessa likes cards. Exactly why, I don’t know.

It could be the list-maker in her, loving to see things written down in a meaningful order. Or it could be the academic in her, who knows that research isn’t finished until it’s written down. Maybe all the cards I’ve given her since we met will combine to be my PHD, furthering her understanding of how much I love her.

Or maybe it’s the bargain hunter in her, keen to outdo me at finding the cheapest place to buy greeting cards that still look good enough to be given to people you like. (Currently winning: Cheap as Chips. 80c for a card, or 78.4c when paying with Paywave.)

Or it could just be the normal human being in her who likes receiving a card, reading it and maybe finding something else inside the envelop like a lottery ticket or a poochie trading card.

For her birthday this year I didn’t buy Vanessa a card. She had one on Valentine’s Day, and our anniversary, so I wasn’t really sure what new thoughts I could write down this time. Instead I figured I should say the same thing as usual, but in a different medium. Like in a journal entry. One that said: “I love Vanessa more and more each day. With each achievement we reach together, and every problem we face and overcome. On every day, and every birthday, our loving bond grows a little stronger.”

Here’s to another birthday. I’m sure there will be many more to come and many more cards to go with them. I’m looking forward to every one.

(Oh, and here’s a bonus photo of a dog!!)

Shared Excitement



Vanessa likes to make cookies for me. Especially if other baked goods make an appearance on the horizon. She likes to get them in first.

At the end of last week I won a dozen cupcakes in a Facebook competition. This was exciting, as I’d never won anything on Facebook before, but I was also apprehensive because I knew that Vanessa would not be impressed that I was receiving cupcakes that didn’t come from her oven.

The next day she announced she was going to make cookies. Normally I tell her to make me a single batch, so I don’t become hugely fat. This day, however, we were attending a housewarming party and she decided to make a double batch so she could take some to share at the party.

Later in the day I came home from the shops and found a double batch of cookies ready and waiting. I tried one, they were delicious.

Vanessa said, “I used wholemeal flour.”
I said, “They taste good to me.”
“Yes, but they look a little funny. I don’t think I can take them to the housewarming.”
Because they were delicious I did not argue the point.

Three days and forty cookies later I realise she may have tricked me into eating another double batch of cookies and I don’t regret it at all.


Lettuce remember our winter trip to North Queensland.

Queensland 15 from bradism on Vimeo.

Happy Birthday Nash

Getting older, but not really growing up.

It has been enjoyable raising you with Vanessa. Happy birthday.

Good Morning

I woke up last this morning and found these two clean mugs next to the coffee machine.

2014-11-29 08.34.51

It made me happy to think that while I was asleep someone was thinking about making it easier for me to drink coffee. And that while I was asleep someone was emptying the dishwasher.

Just Desserts

After some negotiation Vanessa and I reached an agreement that she would make me 7 desserts for my 30th birthday, one each day for week. The starting point for these negotiations was 30 over 30 days. I think we both won.

The first day of desserts was cornflake cookies, full of chocolate chips and sultanas.

Camera Uploads-44


Ahh, I remember when my fingers used to be this skinny.


The next 3 days was scheduled to be chocolate cake, choc-topped caramel slice and then a rich chocolate brownie. I thought my fears of essentially being dead at 30 were going to actual come true, with a legitimate death by chocolate. After I ate the following below it was decided that the brownie would be delayed for another week, which meant I actually got a fortnight of desserts all up.

Camera Uploads-54

By far the most visually striking dessert was the banana split I ate on Sunday night, the last meal of my 20’s.

Camera Uploads-53Yes, there is a banana in there somewhere.


Finally, for my birthday itself I enjoyed almost an entire butterscotch pudding while I watched Godzilla.Camera Uploads-12Man, Godzilla looks skinny compared to me…


One full week of desserts was an amazing indulgence and, I have to admit, I only agreed to it because I didn’t think Vanessa would actually go through with baking me something every single day (not pictured here are the banana pancakes and the chocolate brownie.) I learned my lesson, Vanessa loves me and she loves baking and I shouldn’t ever underestimate that.

Now that I am 30, my own personal new years, I’m looking forward to a Spring of exercise and good eating. Which is necessary because Vanessa said that next year will be 8 desserts in 8 days, and it’s going to go up by one every year until it’s 90 tapioca puddings for every day of Winter.



Do I know You!

One day this week Vanessa came home with a brand new haircut. It’s a lot shorter now. I think it looks great.
She was a bit worried about making such a big change, and she asked me how I was about it.
“I’m good!” I said. “I think it really suits you, and it’s made me happy.”

Getting Prepared

2014-03-23 16.10.42